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It's not like we wanted to invite you or anything, you just happened to come to this site!

Who are we?

W-why do you want to know, baka!

Tsundere is a fun loving team that leans towards anime-related communities and games. We believe that it is possible to strike a balance between the gear treadmill and the social and casual aspects of the game. Our goal is to dress up and look pretty while kicking ass.

Since PSO2's closed beta, Tsundere has been a part of the community, and will continue to stay in this for the long run. We're looking for people to tackle group content with us, be it spurting beams on Apprentice Gia's giant um... elongated protrusion or helping our adorable mascot Totori with Challenge Quest runs.

The initial gearing curve can be intimidating, but we're more than willing to help players make good decisions, so let Onee-san help you with these things!

We are...

  • A fun loving and not as serious of a team.
  • A text-chat focused English speaking team.
  • A group of people who like to group watch anime on occasion, together.


I-it's not like I wanted to see you dress nicely...

Our ideal teammate should have the following:

  • A desire to learn, or self improve.
  • A character with main class at level 65 or above and subclass at level 45 or above
  • At least one weapon at 7★ rarity or higher with a damage-boosting potential*
  • Aforementioned weapon must have at least Lv1 potential unlocked, be grinded to +10 and have a 50% attribute level.
  • f the weapon is 7★ to 9★, it must be Extended to Ex6 or higher*
  • At least one complete unit set with a set bonus of at least 60 ATK and 10 PP.
  • Units must be grinded to +10
  • Weapons and units must be affixed with at least 60 Attack.


  • Rainbow set classes should have at least four weapons that meet application criteria
  • If weapon(s) are at Ex6, we can craft them to Ex9 upon acceptance.

Sounds like your kind of team? We'd like to hear from you.

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